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James Barnes
It's About Time

1. Love Play
2. Fightin' Chance
3. Wings In The Dark
4. Child
5. Too Old To Be A Teen Idol
6. All I Want To Be Is With You
7. It's About Time
8. Lace & Machinery
9. Detective Story
10. Fast Food Songs To Go
Begin again…. I have been doing bits and pieces of many songs and have become overwhelmed by the process. Deep breaths. Focus…. I have a nasty habit of deciding my efforts so much that nothing gets accomplished. So I am taking a step back and then beginnng on a step by step one song at a time. I have decided to begin with my song Love Play and to not scatter my efforts until it is complete. I have been playing the song over and over in my mind listening to various parts of the arrangement and pulling out parts to work out a workflow.
Love Play Intro

I have designed an intro to the song which is a soundscape. The intro is 16 bars which include sounds from Camel Audio's Alchemy Mobile Synth and Propellarheads Thor as well as splatters of some other various instruments. The intro will only be heard in the LP and Extended mixes of the song. I am using Genome Midi Sequencer for much of the albums sequencing of instruments and will begin by creating a basic track to just cover the chord progression and tune of the song. I am doing this because I will be utilizing midi on a large scale to develop the music. I am a huge fan of midi because I have a large amount of control over the instruments I would not have if I was recording audio tracks.